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Lifestyle Agriculture

Redwood Valley Farms practices “lifestyle agriculture” that respects people and the planet. For nearly two decades, we have lovingly cultivated the soil to produce the finest small-batch, artisanal flowers from our very own Shangri-La located at 2500 feet on California’s remote North Coast.

We grow for discerning clients who appreciates a superior product, and who recognizes the power and social benefit of expressing one’s values in the marketplace.

No synthetic fertilizers or chemicals

Redwood Valley Farms never uses synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. We know that healthy soil translates to robust plants as well as to happy customers. We cultivate biodiversity through a complex system of cover cropping, custom tea blends, composting with locally sourced material and generally taking all of our cues from nature. Our cutting-edge techniques – based upon ancient wisdom – include Korean Natural Farming (KNF) and utilizing Fermented Plant Juices (FPJ) to promote nutrient recycling.

Sun-kissed, finished flowers

We do not grow hydroponically, which is essentially impossible to do without synthetic inputs and which, we believe, is not how nature intended. Our practices of nurturing the soil so that the soil can optimally feed the plant is reflected in the unmistakable terroir of our sun-kissed, finished flowers.

We were early pioneers in seeking regulatory compliance and, along with our neighboring farmers and other small-scale operations committed to best practices, have become a beacon for sustainable agricultural practices in the Emerald Triangle. Our environmental footprint is minimal as our commitment and contributions to the local and greater community continue to grow.